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Giving List: Krochet Kids, Sevenly, and Collaborative World

We continue our Giving List series with more incredible opportunities for you to make this season more about Giving than getting!

1.  Krochet Kids International

What’s better than giving a loved one a beautiful handmade item that will keep them warm through the cold months?  How about participating in social change and helping to lift a family out of devastating poverty?   By purchasing through Krochet Kids International, you can do just that.

From the Krochet Kids International website:

We are pioneering a movement to make humanitarian aid completely and definitively obsolete. Through a unique model we are empowering the women of Northern Uganda with the assets, skills, and knowledge to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. With this investment into true empowerment we are breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence on outside humanitarian aid. The result is long lasting and sustainable change.

The Thomas – Click here to purchase!

There are beautiful items for sale, crocheted hats, t-shirts and hoodies, and accessories and all of them benefit the Krochet Kids International families.  These items in particular are made in Uganda or Peru.  We all know the love that is felt when you give or receive a handmade item, but to be able to tell the recipient of a Krochet Kids item all about the women who crocheted their hat and how working in the program has changed their life?  Well, that’s some special kind of love, isn’t it?  Read more about Krochet Kids International here.

Shop at Krochet Kids International

Krochet Kids on Facebook

Krochet Kids on Twitter

 2.  Sevenly

Cause T-shirts.  We’ve all seen them, and perhaps you have a few yourself.  Depending on the organization, they might be something you would actually wear, but often, cause T-shirts are something you buy just to support the charitable organization.  When you buy a cause T-shirt from Sevenly, I can almost guarantee it will be something you’ll want to wear regularly.

From Sevenly’s website:

Our purpose is to learn the issues that break God’s heart, engage with the people who are called to the issue, and create awareness & a funding movement that supports them in their efforts.

These are great shirts.  The designs are excellent and they are available for a limited time only — one week!  Sevenly does one cause campaign each week of the year and of the $22 purchase price for the week’s shirt, $7 goes to the organization behind the cause.  For example, this week’s cause is to provide clean water to children at a school in South Sudan.  Check out the shirt of the week.

Support Drop In The Bucket – Click here to buy!

Check out the other causes they have supported this year, everything from ending hunger and sex trafficking to clean water and micro finance.  (As a side note, I love the design and function of Sevenly’s website — It’s so easy to see what they do and how it works.)

If you or someone you know is passionate about certain particular causes, a Sevenly shirt is an awesome item that gives back!

Buy this week’s Sevenly shirt!

Sevenly on Facebook

Sevenly on Twitter


3.  Collaborative World

Clothes that give back.  It’s not uncommon for a portion of a shirt sale to go to an organization, but a for-profit organization where “Giving is the brand”?  That’s something special.  At Collaborative World, 50% of the overall profit from products go to non-profits that support a cause.

From Collaborative World’s website:

The Collaborative World Mission: to actively pursue new and more extraordinary ways to Give while encouraging others to do the same The Collaborative World Vision: to amplify the efforts of individuals and organizations already striving to make a loving impact in the world goes here.

Voyager – Click here to purchase!

And these aren’t goofy-looking shirts, AT ALL.  Very cool, very hip (I’m not sure I have the right or credibility to call something “hip”, but I did it anyway.), and wouldn’t you love one for yourself?  Moms, Dads, your college-aged niece or nephew, and most anyone on your list would love to know that their gift went to Collaborative World’s partners (currently The A21 Campaign and Akshaya Trust).  Find out more about Collaborative World here!

Shop at Collaborative World

Collaborative World on Facebook

Collaborative World on Twitter

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