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Archives for November 2011

Making a list, checking it twice

In anticipation of last weekend's toy sales, I started putting together the boys' wish lists for Santa and family members who wanted to buy them gifts. They aren't quite old enough to be able to write their own, so I thoughtfully clicked through … Continue Reading

Decking Our Halls (And Yours, Too!)

Decorating for Christmas is so fun.  And even more fun than decorating for Christmas is decorating for Christmas in a new house!  We moved into our new house in August and even before we moved the first boxes in, I was thinking about how we would … Continue Reading

Review: Sol Pals Solar Night Light

Night lights are comforting to a child who is afraid of the dark and help everyone in the house from running into things in the middle of the night. This year at the ABC Kids Expo, Krista and I learned about an energy efficient and safer … Continue Reading

Tutorial: Yarn Snowman

My friend Rachel has recently been introduced to Pinterest.  Yes, that means she has been totally sucked in to the awesomeness of the DIY crafts and home decor ideas.  Because she joined when she did, she quickly got hooked on all of the great … Continue Reading

Cyber Monday Deals (11/28/2011)

We're rounding up our favorite Cyber Monday deals of the day!  Keep coming back, as we'll continue adding them! *Updated on 11/30/11 - The momAgenda site-wide sale code is still good until the end of today!* Save 20% site-wide PLUS Free … Continue Reading

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar Tutorial

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar Tutorial

This is the first year I will be doing an advent calendar with the boys.  Our first December with children, we were in a really strange place in our lives, having just moved to a new town with a newborn.  We were living in someone's (very nice) … Continue Reading

Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Giveaway!

Did you know that long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss? There are many exciting things that we want our children to experience, but there are some events that can really take a toll on our children's … Continue Reading

Wish List: Starfall

My son is kinda nerdy.  Yeah, I know, he's only 3.  But I can tell, he's going to be like his parents.  Nerdy.  In a good way. Why do I say that?  Well, because he wants to spend most of his time on the computer or on one of our many … Continue Reading

Wish List: Patch Products Games & Toys

We love games here at the Dulaney house.  I could hardly wait for Miles to start playing board games.  We got him his first board games last year, when he was 2.5.  Since then, he has gotten more games at his birthday and will be receiving some this … Continue Reading

Giving List: Krochet Kids, Sevenly, and Collaborative World

We continue our Giving List series with more incredible opportunities for you to make this season more about Giving than getting! 1.  Krochet Kids International What's better than giving a loved one a beautiful handmade item that will keep them … Continue Reading

Holiday (Dis)organization

© Edite Artmann |

Ohhhhhhh, it's starting.  Christmas Spirit is going to force itself on you SOON, whether you like it or not.  Like a skilled hunter, it will TRACK.YOU.DOWN. If you're like me, you look forward to the fun things of Christmas like watching "Elf" and … Continue Reading

Review & Giveaway: Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

There's nothing like hearing the soft, peaceful sound of your baby sleeping soundly.  I love knowing that they are calm and safe in their beds, recharging their sweet bodies for a new day.  My boys have always listened to music while going to sleep … Continue Reading

Giving List: Buy a Cow Man!

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the “Getting” around the holidays.  Not only what we will get, but we search for the perfect present at the perfect price, concerned with getting the best for everyone.  We’re shining our spotlight on … Continue Reading

Let me make my own mistakes

Yesterday, Alex and I were having lunch with the boys at our friends' restaurant. A group of older ladies at the table next to us were admiring our babies while having a little luncheon. When they finished their meal, each of the ladies came over to … Continue Reading

Wish List: Highlights for Children High Five Magazine

A magazine for preschoolers?  Why not?! When my mom first suggested getting my son Miles (then 2.5) a subscription to Highlights High Five Magazine last year, I wasn't sure what to think.  It sounded like fun, but I wasn't convinced he would … Continue Reading

Wish List: Scentsy Fragrances

I have heard a lot of great things about the fragrance company Scentsy and am so thrilled I got to review some of their products. I received the adorable Silent Night mini-plugin warmer and four different scent circles (Clean Breeze, Pima Cotton, … Continue Reading

My Babies Look Like Buddy Lee…

This picture says it all! Pin It … Continue Reading

Wish List: “Mama Stories”

About two years ago, I helped my parents record a small book of nursery rhymes for Miles.  My mom had either thought of the idea on her own or seen it suggested on one of the many websites with ideas for bonding with your grandparents.  She also had … Continue Reading

Giving List: Project 7, Operation Christmas Child, and The 94 Store

It's all too easy to get wrapped up in the "Getting" around the holidays.  Not only what we will get, but we search for the perfect present at the perfect price, concerned with getting the best for everyone.  Beginning today, we're shining our … Continue Reading

Brothers In Crime

It took nearly a full 20 months, but it has happened.  Just when I was starting to worry it would never happen. My boys are starting to play together! My oldest, Miles, is 3 years old.  He's at the age where some kids are playing nicely with … Continue Reading