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Are You Getting Some?


Our bodies were designed for it, we need it, we crave it. But when little people enter our world, it gets harder and harder to find time for it. Yep, thats right. SLEEP.

Sleep deprivation is no joke. A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation indicated that because women tend to multi-task and use more of their actual brain then men they need more sleep. Yesterday Krista and I spend so much time working on playdate crashers stuff that all I could dream about was blogging. Sad isn’t it?

I have noticed that my post precious sleep hours are those which fall between 5-9am. I could stay up all night and function quite efficiently the next day as long as I can sleep in. Thankfully my husband usually is the opposite of me and tries to manage the kids in the mornings whenever he can.

So what causes me to lose sleep. Usually it is crying infants, however sometimes I find my self lying in bed awake worrying about a baby waking up because I am so tired. It doesn’t seem fair, but I think worry keeps me up more than my kids do. It usually starts with questions to my husband like, “Did you check the doors?”. Next thing I know, I am lying in bed planning fire escape routes just in case we have an emergency in the middle of the night. If anything did happen, I would probably be awake and able to respond quickly, thus defeating the purpose of keeping myself up thinking about it.

We recently went to visit my parents. Some how the babies sleep routine got messed up. This is a huge deal because I have been to the promised land of blissful baby sleep and it is good, so I start to panic when naps start to be thrown off. I worry that all is lost and that all of our hard work is down the drain because they aren’t sleeping well. Sure enough, we had one night of alternating night wakings. I think I managed to salvage at least an hour of sleep, but definitely not the 7-9 hours I should be getting. We got home Monday and almost a week later the battle to restore sleep in our household is still going strong.

So how do you make sure your needs are being met? Do you have any crazy sleep deprivation stories to share?

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