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Another Reviewer Wanted!

Guess what, playdate crashers!  We’ve been contacted about reviewing another product, but because of our kids’ ages and stages, we are unable to review the product ourselves.  So again, just like with the Milk-Savers and Le Bibble Bottle Bib reviews, we need your help!

The product for review is the Mamma-Kin KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch!  We spotted this cool new product at the ABC Kids Expo last month and just had to bring it to you!  This mama-invented nursing pouch is designed to keep your hands free while you breastfeed your little one.  It’s not a baby carrier, but a product to support you and your baby during those long nursing sessions.  Read more about it here!

We are thrilled to be able to give away a second KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch to one of our readers!  We’ll run that contest when the product review is posted, so stay tuned!

If you think you’re the perfect choice to review this product, fill out the form below!  After one week, we will choose carefully from the submissions and get in touch with our selection!  Keep in mind that this product is primarily meant for very young nursing infants.  If you don’t think the KoalaKin is right for you but you know someone who might be interested, please share this with them!

Please visit KoalaKin’s Facebook Page and thank them for this opportunity!

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