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If you haven’t started Pinning yet, there’s still a good chance you’ve seen a Pin.  Maybe on Facebook, Twitter (though they’re harder to “see” on Twitter), or maybe another blog.  A neat idea, a crafty craft, a funny photo.  Once you notice Pins, you’ll see them everywhere!

Several months ago, I’m not sure where or how, I heard about this neat new website called Pinterest, a virtual Pinboard.  I love new things, so I requested an invite through the website (it is invite-only so that their membership can gradually build instead of crashing their servers), but it turns out the easiest way is to score an invite from a friend.  I happened to see someone raving about Pinterest on a friend’s Facebook status, so I asked for an invite from a stranger (okay, friend of a friend), and in a short time, I was Pinning — and hooked!

The concept and design of Pinterest is so simple and beautiful.  Don’t take that to mean that I think it’s overly simplistic, I just mean that I love how clean and un-messy the format is.  You like something?  You Pin it.  You like a Pin you see somewhere else?  Like it or Re-Pin it!  I’m sure it isn’t simple in a programming sense, because interestingly, most things that sound simple in technology take an amazingly long set of steps to achieve such simplicity.  Anyway, I digress…

Pinterest supplies easy ways for users to grab links and images from anywhere online (or from your iPhone with their free app!) and Pin it to your Pinboards.  Each user can set up multiple Pinboards with names that describe the Pins within.  You can use the Pinboards already set up when you register (For The Home, Products I Love, etc.) or name your own.  You can also select categories to attach to your Pinboards to keep them even more organized.  There’s no catch, it’s free, you don’t have to buy anything, it’s just a great place collect cool things in an online space!

Pinterest is an awesome site for getting new ideas!  For example, when looking for ways to decorate our new home, I came across a beautiful, simple centerpiece idea.  I attempted to recreate it in our dining room.

Admittedly, it’s not as good as the original, but it was inexpensive to do and can easily be changed to make it better.

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It’s not just ideas for home decor, though.  There are ideas for clothes, children’s crafts, children’s activities, wedding planning, other products, and so much more!  I will admit that I have spent a LOT of time on Pinterest, searching for particular items and ideas, drooling over food photography, and dreaming of ways to transfer those Pins to my reality.  Many Pinterest users confess to becoming Pinterestaholics in a few days’ time, and with some dedication, you too can become addicted to Pinterest!

A few things to note:  Their site does tend to crash some, but it’s still a site in its infancy, and their PR/Customer Service team is excellent about notifying users via Facebook and Twitter if something will be down for awhile.  The iPhone app is also prone to crashing, but they are making adjustments to it pretty often to keep up with the bugs.  And while clicking through most Pins will take you to its original source, there are times when you get a Dead End…or a Dead Pin, one that only shows a photo but no instructions, no additional information about the Pin’s origin.  Those few small negatives are so heavily out-weighed by the awesomeness of Pinterest that they’re barely worth the mention!

My favorite thing about Pinterest is that it is what it says it is.  It’s a virtual pinboard.  Once I’ve Pinned something, it’s organized neatly for me to find again when I set about to creating.  I can get the recipe, instructions, or link to purchase the item in seconds!

I really hope you’ll check it out for yourself and find some great ideas!  To get started, if you need an invite, leave a comment below!  (If you put your correct email address in the form, it won’t be published in your comment, but I’ll be able to see it and send the invite if you request it!  So just ask for an invite in your comment and I’ll get it to you!)

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  1. Okay I didn’t do it last time you suggested it, but I’m game. My bookmarks on my computer are getting to confusing. Can I have an invite?

  2. Just sent it!

    I understand about the bookmarks. That was my system previously, but this is sooo much better!

  3. Just found your site and love this idea. Mind sending me an invite? Thanks!


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