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There’s No Place Like Home

Today’s the day!  This morning, my husband and I are closing on our new home, just across town from where we currently live.

We are so excited!  We have lived in this town for almost three years, but we haven’t settled in yet.  We’ve had several different living situations in the past three years (if you’re keeping track, that means the entirety of our oldest son Miles’s life) and none of them have felt permanent.

We’ve lived for three years not knowing if we would be in the same place next month.  It has been frustrating for me, because I have really been wanting to put down roots somewhere and do things like buy curtains!  I’ve felt bad that the boys haven’t had a really great nursery or bedroom, so I plan to make their room pretty special.  No, scratch that — I plan to make the whole house special for us.  It’s time for our house to feel like HOME.

And it sure is good to be home.  We’ve had a crazy summer of traveling, most recently spending a week at my parents’ house before a week-long beach vacation (a post on traveling with little ones is coming at the end of this week!).  We arrived home today and almost immediately started packing boxes for the move on Saturday.  I’m blessed to have my mom here to help pack this week.  Through a stroke of good luck (or answer to prayer), she was unable to start working on her classroom for the school year, so I get to have the Cruise Director here to keep me on task.  We WILL get this house packed up!  We WILL!

I would really love to hear your greatest tips on packing and moving, especially with little ones.  How do you get it all done?  What is your preferred method for organizing the madness?  Please, wow me with your awesome ideas!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. congrats! We just did that a few months ago. My biggest thing was one box at at time. label the box with what room it will go in and list the major items in the box.

    its also helpful to have boxes that are the same size so they stack easily.

    don’t start packing a box unless you know you can fill it and tape it up. otherwise the little ones will get into it.

  2. Walmart has several different colors of duck tape. assign one color to each room, and only use that tape on boxes from that room. that way when you’re unloading boxes it is an easier visual to say all the blue ones go to the boys room, all the red ones to the kitchen! i think they even have animal print, lol 🙂

    (the only problem is if you run out of blue tape you can’t just grab the closest roll…)