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A Day In The Life

If you’re a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), you’ve more than likely had someone say to you (with a confused look on their face) “But…what do you DO all day?!”  I’ve been on both sides of that conversation and I totally get the confusion.  There’s a lot of hours to fill in a day, so what do you do?

Today, I’m going to share how I spend my days as a SAHM but I want the rest of you to chime in too!  I want to hear how your day goes because I’m always curious what goes on in other houses with stay at home (or work at home) parents.


Our mornings typically begin with Spencer (18 months old) waking around 6:30am and one of us getting him from the boys’ shared room and bringing him to our bed.  Some mornings he will snooze a bit more while he nurses or he will lay there and jabber at us until his 3 year old brother wakes up and comes trodding into our room.  I’ve never been a morning person, though my bright-eyed children are forcing me into becoming more of one.  All four of us usually lay in our queen sized bed for awhile, talking, tickling, and cuddling (Miles always wants to cuddle first thing).  As much as I dislike mornings, this is one of my favorite parts of the day.  Eventually my husband and I drag ourselves out of bed and he takes our dogs outside then gets ready while I start getting the boys’ breakfast going.

After breakfast, my husband heads off to work, I get the boys dressed, brush their teeth, and I get dressed for our morning walk.  We walk about 2 miles around our subdivision with the boys in the double jogging stroller (a $20 yard sale find!) and come back for some good old fashioned playtime.  I usually turn on a movie for the boys on the TV in their playroom while they play trains, restaurant, or any of the other many toys in the playroom.  Spencer still takes a morning nap around 9:30 or 10:00am and that’s when I get my shower.  Miles lays on my bed (3-4 feet from the shower) playing on my iPod while I shower, do my hair and makeup (yes, I still do my hair and makeup every day).  After Spencer’s nap, they play while I do little things around the house (folding laundry, dusting, whatever needs done) until lunchtime.


Lunchtime can be a little chaotic, but I’ve learned to give the boys their yogurt first so that while they are busy feeding themselves their yogurt I can make their sandwiches (almost always a PB&J) and cut up grapes or whatever else they are having.  We eat right at noon every day, so after lunch, they can play a little more before naptime, which is at 1:00pm. The boys do share a bedroom, but there’s no way they would both nap in the same room at the same time, so Spencer naps in the Pack N Play in whatever room is available (in the new house, that’s usually the bonus room over the garage). While the boys nap, I sometimes take a nap myself or work on something that I couldn’t do with them interrupting me earlier.  Some days, I just enjoy a snack and watch TV.  Some days I just enjoy being alone.

They both nap for around 1.5-2 hours and when they get up, they’re ready for a snack and vegging on the couch, so I let Miles pick an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from the DVR.  By this time in the day, the boys are needing a little more direction in their play, so sometimes I’ll have special fun things for us to do, or I’ll pull out a toy from the reserves in the playroom closet to mix things up a bit.  The post-nap/pre-dinner stretch can be crazy, but keeping bellies and hands occupied makes meltdowns fewer and farther between.  Thankfully, my husband is usually home by this point and can run interference while I finish dinner.


We eat dinner early.  Like, really early, 5:00-5:30pm.  Any later and my kids are going crazy.  It’s nice to get it done early, though, and then we still have time before bed.  Some nights we’ll walk around the neighborhood again, sometimes we’ll play outside,  but around 7:00pm, the boys take a bath.  Our bedtime routine is somewhat fluid, but right now, we are gathering in the boys’ room after their baths and they each pick a book to read.  Then we read a short Bible story, pray, and then it’s time for hugs and kisses as Spencer goes to bed.  Miles doesn’t go to bed for another hour or so, and he gets to choose what he does in that time.  Some nights we watch a movie, or he plays iPod, we make cookies, or we do some learning worksheets.  It’s never the same thing and he usually goes to bed without a fight at 8:30pm.

Fascinating, isn’t it??  (Sarcasm font)  All of that to say that no day is the same.  Some mornings, we go to the store after Spencer’s nap.  Some days (like today!) we go to the zoo or the park.  I love having the option to be out and about or just at home with the boys.

Okay, it’s your turn!  Working moms, WAHMs, SAHMs, what does your day look like?  You don’t have to go into too much detail, but how do you do it all?!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. I have a wonderful WAHD that takes care of a lot of “house stuff” for me (laundry, dishes, etc). I work 7am-4pm and then go work out with some girls from work. I usually arrive home around 5:45-6pm. I always have good intentions of working around the house, but almost always end up playing with Nora (5mo) for a while (I can’t resist that smile!). Then we feed her dinner and then play some more (or go for a walk or swing or bike ride). Then we start winding down for bedtime. Usually we get a bath or just go straight to jammies and rocking with one last bottle. Then Nora goes down around 8-8:30. That’s when, if there’s something really pressing we need to do around the house, we get it done.

  2. Isn’t it great to have your evenings free for whatever?! It’s been a great change for us both times our boys started sleeping on a regular schedule in their beds. Freedom! 🙂

  3. On days we don’t have preschool our schedule is VERY similar. Both my kids go to bed around 7:30 or 7:45. The babe is probably ready earlier, but I want to sleep in past 5am in the mornings. Peyt has rest time for an hour in the afternoon since she doesn’t nap (and hasn’t regularly since 18 months), if she does nap she sometimes stays up a little later. Our big differences than yours are that I unfortunetly haven’t gotten back into exercising (I had a hard time keeping milk supply up with Peyt, so I’m trying to keep as many calories in as possible right now) and I definitely don’t put make up on and fix my hair each day :-), yes I’ve became one of those moms. We also don’t put Will in our bed so if he is up then I am up. The reason we don’t is that he is a spitter upper and every SINGLE time he has been in our bed I have had to wash sheets and mattress pad cover and everything. But, if Peyt gets up first she comes and cuddles (and asks 100 times for us to get up) until we can peel our eyes open enough to get up and get breakfast going. Thanks for sharing your day! I also often wonder if other SAHMs days are similiar to mine.

  4. I wish my days had more of a regular rhythm — that’s something I’m working toward. Some days we just play all day and other days we decide to head into town and do something (park, museum, library, etc). Unfortunately I live in the boonies, so going somewhere means at least a 30-minute drive. I try to have lunch around the same time every day (around noon) but it doesn’t always work that way. And now with two half days of preschool in the mix, our schedule is even more erratic. I also wish I could say I did my hair and makeup every day — that would probably make me feel better, huh?