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Review: Body By Vi (Visalus Sciences)

The following review is of samples received from Visalus Sciences, the company behind the popular Body By Vi 90 day challenge. Our samples included 2 pouches of Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix , 1 sample of Vi-Slim® to help burn fat and support lean muscle, 1 sample of Vi-Trim® to control hunger, a sample of Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins (Peach Complexion Care), Omega Vitals to provide essential oil benefits, and samples of both ViSalus NEURO™ to assist in energy and hydration.

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[box]  I am sure I am not alone in this, but it seems that here in the last couple of months I have seen several of my Facebook friends raving about results they were seeing by doing the Body By Vi Challenge. I finally had all I could take, and I contacted one of my friends who has seen great results and now distributes all of Visalus Science products.

I used my samples spread out over a few days, so that I could notice benefits of using each individual product. First I tried a Vi-Shake, the only “shake mix that tastes like cake mix”. It is true, it does taste really good! One thing that I felt make it stand out from other protein shakes I have tried in the past was that it had a really smooth taste, not chalky or gross at all. About half way through, I got a little curious and spiced up my shake with some coffee, making an iced coffee out of it. Even better! I only had the shake mix for my breakfast and used it that day as a part of a 1800 calorie diet. Mixed with 40 calorie almond milk, my shake came to a total of 130 calories! It held me over until lunch time, which was great because I had a really busy morning as usual.

I tried the energy drinks on two separate days, I liked the raspberry flavor a lot better than the citrus. It did give me a nice boost, but my taste buds were very aware of the vitamins that were added to the drink. We also got to try some pre-packaged am/pm vitamins and two of the shake mix-ins. These are great additions to their core product.

Overall, as a nursing mother of twins, I feel that Body by Vi could be a great option when combined with an 1800 calorie diet. It does not enter your blood stream so there are no concerns on how it will affect your baby because studies have shown that only things that enter you blood stream affect the milk that you produce while lactating. Some mother’s may have an issue with maintaining their milk supply if they cut their calories to an extreme, so it is important to take that into consideration when using the product. When you are up around the clock with babies the last thing you want to do is cook first thing in the morning. Mixing up a quick shake that you can be confident is nutritionally sound and will give you what you need to make it through the day is a great option. Paired with other nutritious foods, this is great.

– Jamie[/box]

[box] I decided to use all of the products in one day, to be like a typical day for someone following the Body By Vi plan. At breakfast time, I took the vitamins and had a shake with the chocolate mix in. I ate half a banana with it, after briefly considering mixing it into my shake. I decided not to add it in because I’m weird about banana flavor in drinks. I had a banana later as a mid-morning snack. For lunch, I had a shake with a small ham sandwich and yogurt. I realize that doesn’t exactly go along with it being a meal replacement drink, but I was hungry after doing a crazy amount of work getting ready for a yard sale! We had dinner plans, a work function for my husband, and it was a heavier dinner than we normally have.

My thoughts are that the Body By Vi is a very tempting proposition for anyone needing to lose weight or get healthier. Especially with swimsuit season nearly here, people with a few pounds to lose are looking for a way to look better on the beach. The idea that by drinking a few shakes each day and reducing your calorie intake to around 1800 per day will make you look and feel better is enough to make most people think about joining the Body By Vi revolution. But I have to admit that at least for myself, if I would just eat the way I know I should be eating (which also means staying around 1800 calories each day by eating foods low in fat and carbs and higher in protein and fiber), I would probably lose a sufficient amount of weight.

With that being said, the Body By Vi plan is a reasonably-priced option for those who want the ease of a tasty beverage replacing 1-2 meals each day. It is a simple way to save on calories and give your body extra vitamins and minerals that it needs. By eating reasonably throughout the day in addition to consuming the drinks, you will be on your way to a healthier you in no time.

– Krista[/box]

Visalus Sciences seems to have a good business model and good products that sell themselves. If you can find three friends to do the 90 day challenge with you, you can earn your product for free! And it could even turn into a very lucrative way to generate some extra revenue while staying at home. There is no better sales tool than success!

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Disclosure Note:  The Playdate Crashers received these samples free of charge in exchange for a review. We were not required to write a positive review. If you are interested in having us review your company’s product, please contact us!

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