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Mother’s Day Wishes

In case you haven’t heard, Mother’s Day is this weekend.  (Don’t scoff, there might be someone out there *cough ME cough* who thought Mother’s Day was NEXT weekend.)  Every where you look, there are advertisements for lovely gifts for mothers and beautiful flowers arrangements guaranteed to arrive in time!

Last year, what I wanted was to go out for dinner (any chance to get out of dish duty!) and get some cute pictures with the boys.  I got my wish!

Mother's Day 2010

The year before that, I wanted to have breakfast for lunch and sit on our deck while Miles got in his kiddie pool for the first time.

Mother's Day 2009

Does your family traditionally give you a gift on Mother’s Day? How do you want Mother’s Day to be special for you this year? How will you be making it special for others?

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. my first mothers day, we were completely broke, so my husband went to walgreens, bought a home pedicure kit and agonized over nail polish, till some lady had pity on him and gave him a color. Then, he came home and gave me a 2 hour pedicure…my toes looked awful, but it was the best gift ever!

  2. I usually try to visit my mother- also b/c her birthday is right around mother’s day as well. So, I celebrate it with my mother! love her!

  3. I also thought Mothers Day was next weekend 😉

    That is, until I saw a post on FB about a special tour available at a zoo near us. They were giving the tour at the group price, if you made reservations ahead of time and called before they got booked up. (Its normally $40/person so we’ve never been! I got the last 5 spots!) Its not your typical zoo, they breed a lot of animals for the bigger zoos so they have a lot of rare animals you don’t always get to see. So that is what we are doing this weekend, and my 4 year old is SO EXCITED! Thats all she’s talked about since I made the reservations! (she’s never been to ANY zoo, so this is a real treat for her.) I figure we’ll do something fun for her, and maybe sight-see a little since we’re never out that direction. I can’t wait!