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Archives for May 2011

My Little Roommates

Late night games, flashlights and ghost stories, forts and glow in the dark army men. I guess you could say I have a romanticized view of sibling roommates. Possibly because I had a nice experience of rooming together with my older sister until … Continue Reading

Sleep, Blessed Sleep

There are some peaceful afternoons, where I sit alone at my computer, while all three of my babies take naps and I can't help but feel a sense of pride. Sleep is very important in our house. I strongly believe that the sleep habits of your … Continue Reading

Ways I’m Becoming My Mother, #53

A few weeks ago, on Mother's Day, I wrote a piece about my mom and all the things she has taught me over the years.  I have a great mom, and like every daughter out there, I've said to myself on more than one occasion "Oh my gosh, that is EXACTLY how … Continue Reading

Make Me Laugh

My youngest son has some "elimination issues" and we have been experimenting with a few different solutions to help him poo without pain.  This week's method of choice is prune juice.  When our oldest son heard that his little brother was getting … Continue Reading

Emergency Preparedness – #20

It's our 20th Episode!!!  Thank you so much for your support in getting us here! The show starts off with a classic Playdate Crashers Podcast moment, Jamie and Krista discussing "Milkies" (from Episode #9: Breast Friends)! We discuss safety plans … Continue Reading

Do I Want To Be A Member?

Last summer, I was able to visit the Children's Museum of Indianapolis with the boys.  Miles was nearly two and Spencer was just an infant.  We had a great time and Miles loved his time at the museum, but even more special for me was the fact that as … Continue Reading

Your Input Requested!

Last night, we recorded our 20th Episode!  Our topic is disaster preparedness and emergency plans and we thought we would add in a few of our favorite clips from our first 19 episodes as well!  That's where you come in!  Use the poll function below … Continue Reading

Product Review: The Velveteen Bible

My oldest son, who is almost three, loves Bibles.  He has at least four and he sleeps with one every night.  Naturally when I saw that was offering a Bible for review, I jumped at the chance to add another Bible to his collection.  The … Continue Reading

We gave him the belt!

Recently, Alex and I ventured out of our fox hole with all three kids in tow to have a nice dinner at a local restaurant. I didn't happen to think about the fact that it was a Friday night, which generally means that most places are packed. When we … Continue Reading

Restaurant Woes

My children have finally reached the age (almost 3 and 14 months) where I am starting to believe they are conspiring against me to make all public appearances something of a disaster.  Now, for those of you who have older children and are beginning … Continue Reading

Remember The Puddle!

Remember that story about my 2.5 year old peeing his pants in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago? Yesterday, I took him back to the store to get a few things.  He's really fun to take to the store (when he's not making puddles all over the dairy section) … Continue Reading

Baby Stuff – #19

We discuss... Baby Purchase Flops Jamie's car seat mirror post Once a flop, always a flop? Baby carriers (See the widget below for the carriers we talk about!) (Go, Baby, Go! Water Wraps) Awesome baby purchases Diaper bags What to do … Continue Reading

Things My Mama Taught Me

On this Mother's Day, I want to tell you about my mother and share with you some of the things that she has taught me over the years.  This is certainly not an all-inclusive list and perhaps one day I'll create a second volume to this post, but for … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Wishes

In case you haven't heard, Mother's Day is this weekend.  (Don't scoff, there might be someone out there *cough ME cough* who thought Mother's Day was NEXT weekend.)  Every where you look, there are advertisements for lovely gifts for mothers and … Continue Reading

Love or Hate?: Car Seat Mirrors

I recently made a 8 hour drive (not counting stops) to Pennsylvania to visit my family with all three babies in tow. Before I left on my trip, I rigged up a mirror on each of the back seat head rests so that I could see what was going on with our … Continue Reading

What Are You Reading?

I don't have a giveaway or a review for you today, but I do want a little discussion about what you're currently reading.  Maybe you're all caught up in a book series like I am, or perhaps you have an article to recommend.  Let's hear it! I'll … Continue Reading