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Tutorial: Haircuts At Home

We really need to stop referring to our youngest son as “Baby.”  He is almost 14 months old, is walking, and is starting to talk (well, mostly jabber, but you know what I mean).  After he turned one, my husband and I started to start using his name more around the house, but our 2.5 year old still almost exclusively calls his brother “Baby.”  Yesterday, “Baby” got his first Big Boy Haircut and now more than ever I realized that he is growing up!

I started cutting Miles’s hair when he was almost 2.  He had one “professional” haircut, his first, which we had done almost one week exactly after his brother was born.  I was looking at pictures from Spencer’s homecoming and was embarrassed about how long Miles’s hair had gotten!  It was a big deal, he got a certificate, took all kinds of pictures, everyone was there for it.  But after the first one, the idea of taking two little ones to a salon on a regular basis nearly gave me a panic attack, so one day I took the plunge and gave my first haircut.  Today, I’ve decided to share with you my tips for giving haircuts at home.

  1. Wait until your child is in a happy mood – think full bellies and freshly napped.  As a bonus to yourself, why not wait until you’re in a good mood as well?
  2. Think about your location and what you will need.  What kind of chair will your child sit on?  Inside or outside?  Do you need to put towels or a sheet on the floor if inside?  Do you need something for distraction?  Our needs have changed depending on what age and stage the boys are at.  When I first started cutting Miles’s hair, he needed a movie playing to distract him.  Now he will sit quietly and cooperate perfectly.  I have done haircuts in the living room, the kitchen, the bathtub, and mostly recently on our deck!
  3. Set up your haircutting area with all of your supplies.  I have a little bag that contains a comb, two pairs of haircutting scissors, and a little mirror.  I also set up a spray bottle with water and a pillowcase and a clothespin to make a cape for the boys.  (If you use electric clippers to cut your kids’ hair, tell us your tips in the comments!)
  4. Once you’re all set up, start by spritzing your child’s hair a little but not too much!  I think we all know that bad things can happen if you cut too-wet hair!
  5. Start small. It doesn’t have to be a drastic haircut to make it look better and more polished.
  6. Layers are your friend! I pull a section of hair up and away from the head and cut at a slight angle.  Then I get a section next to the part I just cut and do the same, trying to match up the new lengths.  Little boy haircuts are pretty easy, because you can just kinda run your fingers through their hair and ruffle it up and it’ll look super cute.
  7. It’s just hair. Don’t freak out if you do an awful job on the haircut.  (Feel free to freak out if you accidentally poke your child with the scissors while trimming.)  It’s always fixable.  I worried before I did the first one that I would have to either call a salon or an ambulance.  I’ve (so far) had to do neither!

What do you think?  Do you cut your kids’ hair or do you leave this one for the pros?  What tips do you have?

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. This makes me nervous, but I’d like to try and save some money since I think Jonah could use a haircut as often as hid daddy! Man it grows quick! Where did you get your scissors??

  2. The first cheapies I got from Family Dollar. The next ones I got were from WalMart. I need to invest in some even better ones, so I’ll probably check out Sally Beauty Supply the next time I’m near one!