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Product Review: Lamaze Books

Cole reads Panda's Pals with his Aunt Becky

Most people know that reading to their children is important.  What many people don’t know is that even when your children are babies, they can benefit a great deal from regular reading with their parents.  Even at very young ages, children can learn about language and the world around them by using books within play.

We were thrilled when we were contacted by a representative from Learning Curve to review several samples from their new product line, the Lamaze Book Program!  After hearing the ages of our children, the Lamaze company chose books for our kids and sent them our way!

We are so impressed with these books and are very excited to share with you our thoughts!

Captain Calamari’s Color Adventure Gift Set

Krista's boys check out the Captain Calamari's Color Adventure Gift Set

Both of my boys loved the plush and crinkly Captain Calamari toy that comes with the book in this Gift Set.  The illustrations are playful and colorful but not overwhelming.  The book introduces your child to many ocean creatures and their colors.  Absolutely adorable gift set!  – Krista (mother of two boys, ages 2.5 years and 13 months)

My 20 month old really enjoyed the Captain Calamari toy that came with the book, he was fascinated by the toys different colored tentacles. I love the use of sea animals, because you don’t see them used very often for this age group. My son just started to learn colors, so I really wished that the books focused more on primary colors. I think that the book would be more enjoyable to use to teach colors to an older child, maybe 24 months and up. – Jamie (mother of three boys, a 20 month old and 7 week adjusted age twins)

Counting Zoo Board Book

My youngest is really into flap books these days and so this book was right up his alley!  He has a pretty short attention span for books, but he loved lifting the flaps to see what was hiding for him.  The developmental stage for this book is 18m+, so it makes sense that my 2.5 year old spent more time investigating the numbers and counting the animals on each page.  – Krista

Jamie's son Will reading Farm Sounds

Farm Sounds Board Book

Unlike most books about animal sounds, this book uses speech bubbles to indicate that the animals actually make the sounds.  I thought it was a neat introduction to that concept.  My 13 month old giggled with each animal sound I made.  I used his finger to point to the animal as I made its sound, and he thought this was a terrific game!  This was suggested on the back of the book, something that is included on each board book.  The information on each of the books is extremely helpful for parents who are unsure of how their infant can benefit from reading at an early age. – Krista

I think the Farm Sounds board book has been the most enjoyable to read to all of our children at once. The colors are good contrast for our twin newborns, and our 20 month old loves saying the names of and making the animal sounds for his brothers. – Jamie

Little Big Top Circus

Little Big Top Circus Board Book

What a neat little book!  Some of the pages have a cutout section and the child can find the “Little” animal or object and then turn the page to see the “BIG” animal on the next page.  My 2.5 year old liked reading this book to his little brother, who likes to find the cutout sections on the “Little” pages. – Krista

The Tale of Sir Prance-A-Lot

With all of the Lamaze books, I like how there are suggestions on how to use the book, in addition to related activities and what developmental behaviors it is targeting. The rhyming pattern in this book is very enjoyable. The colors and new texture on each page of this soft book keep my son guessing at what will be coming next. – Jamie

Panda's Pals

Luke takes a snooze with his Panda Pal

Panda’s Pals Gift Set

Our 7 week old newborns like to gaze at the images and panda toy that come with this book. Panda’s Pals is unique because they have considered the 0-6 age group and their learning behaviors by using black and white plus a single contrasting color on each page. The back of the book suggest that parents make the corresponding sound that goes with the animal, however there are some animals (penguin, whale, skunk, & zebra) whose sounds are quite difficult to replicate. – Jamie

Peek A Boo Forest

Will takes a peek at Peek-A-Boo Forest

Peek-a-Boo Forest Soft Book

My 20 month old son loves this book. I love watching him play with it on his own and find each animal behind the textured flaps. The rhymes are also very enjoyable to read for parents too. There is a sense of fun with the peek-a-boo flaps and the revelation of the hiding animal and the rest of the rhyme. – Jamie

You can see all of the Lamaze Books by Learning Curve here!

A big Thank You to Learning Curve for sending us these great books!

Of the books we have featured and the ones found on the Lamaze Book Program website, which ones are you interested in?  How important is reading to you and your children?

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