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An Obsession of Royal Proportions…

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I think I’m going to blame it all on Disney…maybe it was those fairy tales, princess dresses, tiaras and magical true love’s first kisses that got me hooked at the tender age of (somewhere around) 3…Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel….they all had their Prince Charming, fell in love, got married and lived life in the lap of luxury. Even now, as a grown woman, knowing how “real love” functions with all its twists, turns, ups and downs, sometimes I think we still long for the fairy tale princess life. Combine that with a love of British culture and you have my obsession…

I wasn’t around for the grand affair that was Charles and Di, but I certainly remember growing up keeping an eye on the young Princes, William especially. (I mean, sooner or later, he would have to know that I was in love with him, right?? No? *sigh*) I’ve also always found myself having a love of that traditional British culture. I can’t deny I’ve read every scrap of material I can find on the Royal Wedding, even diving into the weddings of the past. (let me tell you, that Prince Phillip was a hottie in his day!) Responsibility restrains me from taking off the whole day entirely (Although I did present my boss with a letter concerning Royal Wedding fever and the random desire to wear Philip Treacy feathered hats and eat scones and tea…she proceeded to laugh me out of her office…Fail…)

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact fact of why I love the Royal Wedding so much. If I had to put it into words I guess it would be that my fantasy is becoming someone else’s reality, and Im a pro at vicarious living? Maybe it’s also because Im a sucker for happy (read: romantic) endings and really want to see this one work out for the Windsors, since every marriage since the Queen’s has seemed to end in divorce? I also feel that this will be a refreshing change for the Monarchy and can’t wait to see what Will and Kate will bring to the table. I love that their relationship seems to have not been one of forced arrangements, but of real, true love and committment. They have broken up and still come back to one another. I also think I love that it is a true partnership and a shared spotlight. Clearly, Wills is the one with the title, but if anyone were to get awards for a supporting role, it would be Kate. She gives them a strong unified front, but also knows when to step to the side when necessary. William, in the same aspect, grants the same respect to Kate. He has the bearing of a strong leader, but clearly wants his people to fall head over heels with his girl, as he clearly has. Will seems to praise his Kate any chance he can.  (Cue the long sigh and comments of “aaawww”)

At the end of the day, I think many like me are in love with this couple’s story simply because we have the best hopes for them. It’s stories like this that we pull our own love from and feel confident when we see such adoration and respect in our own (commoner) lives.

We may not be royalty, but we can find ways to bring the majesty and magic to our everyday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my tea and crumpets are waiting…

Lindsey is from Hamilton, OH. She graduated from Kentucky Christian University and maintains a full time career as a Learning and Development Manager. Lindsey is also a wife to one awesome husband, Gary, mom to one amazing toddler, Gavin, and all around balancing act of Mom-ness. She may not always get it right, but she laughs along the way! You can check out her words of wisdom at her blog, Moment of Selah.  You can read her other contributions to The Playdate Crashers Podcast here!

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