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What the?!?: Infant Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring

We’re introducing a new post series about things that make playdate crashers think, “What the?!?”…

When I first saw the infant inflatable neck collar float ring I couldn’t believe my eyes! This is pretty shocking. We want to hear your opinion on this:

1.) What was your first reaction to the neck collar float?
2.) What have you found as a good option of something that serves a similar purpose?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one!

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  1. just wrong…there are so many baby dangers associated with this product, i can’t believe it’s even being marketed!

  2. Really? REALLY????

  3. Carrie Mullins says:

    Surely this is a joke!

  4. This is a disaster waiting to happen . . . who approved the patent on this???