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Archives for February 2011

Frenulum or Foe?

Since coming home with our twins, Cole and Luke, we have had some issues nursing. The first thing I noticed was a clicking and feeling that they were not getting the breast in far enough to be effective at eating. I started using nipple shields to … Continue Reading

NICU Survival Tip: Go Home?!?!

The NICU can be a scary and overwhelming place. I remember going up to the NICU only a few hours after my C-section so I could see my babies as soon as possible. It will be hard to erase the memory of the frequent 3 minute hand washes, the smell of … Continue Reading

Birth Story: Spencer

On Friday night on Feb. 26 2010, I started having regular contractions about 7 minutes apart before bed. I knew they could just as likely fade to nothing, but my husband Brandon and I got a few things ready for action anyway. Though I was able to … Continue Reading

*Giveaway Closed* Quick Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed!  Congratulations to Carrie M., the winner!  We have more giveaways coming soon, including a Kawaii One Size Diaper and a $25 gift card! We are giving away a code for $10 off your purchase at the Baby Store at! Please … Continue Reading

Elimination Communication – What?!

Thanks for letting me guest post about EC! It’s definitely one of my passions and something I can talk or type about for hours! So let me try to break it down into something easy to swallow if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of EC… bear with … Continue Reading

Potty Time – #15

It's Potty Training Week for The Playdate Crashers! We discuss: Jamie's toddler adjusting to having brothers, Krista's son's upcoming first birthday, a hilarious baby poop story, potty training techniques and methods, and one crazy bottle … Continue Reading

Co-Potty Training Your Child (Guest Post by Suzanne)

It's been a long running joke among my working mom pals that you finally see a return on your investment at day care when they help potty train your child. I think more parents might start paying a few hundred dollars a month if they only knew that … Continue Reading

Impromptu Potty Training Boot Camp!

We're discussing potty training (among other things) on this week's podcast, which isn't quite ready yet.  So to get you warmed up, here's a quick post about beginning potty training with my son Miles.  Stay tuned for more great posts and information … Continue Reading

Birth Story: Miles

My birth story begins on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008.  I went to my 38 week appointment and I was hoping to get some good news (that I had dilated and effaced more) since I'd been having pretty painful contractions off and on.  I was still 1 cm and … Continue Reading


Congratulations to Daphne T., the winner of our book giveaway! Here's what Daphne had to say about her favorite fiction book:  "The Twilight Saga!!" Well Daphne, we won't hold that against you!  ;) Thanks for entering, everyone!  We'll … Continue Reading

From the NICU to the Breast: Stage 2

This post is part 2 of a post series that I writing about my experience leaving the NICU with bottle fed preemie babies (twins) and our adventure transiting to exclusive breast feeding.  Read about Stage 1 here! Stage 2: Well, unfortunately I … Continue Reading

Thank Heaven For Boys

I remember how I felt on the day my ultrasound confirmed that I would be having a boy, back in March 2008.  I also remember how I felt in October of 2009 when I learned we would be adding another son to our family. To say I mourned for a dream … Continue Reading

From the NICU to the Breast: Stage 1

This post is part 1 of a post series that I writing about my experience leaving the NICU with bottle fed preemie babies (twins) and our adventure transiting to exclusive breast feeding. After our twin sons' birth at 32 weeks and 3 days gestation, … Continue Reading

It Doesn’t Last Forever

A running theme in my life is this: "It doesn't last forever. It's only a phase. You can do this." Whether it's the constant state of disarray in my house, the sleepless nights, or the repetition of 'round-the-clock feedings, it's helpful to … Continue Reading

Birth Story: Cole and Luke

The birth story of Cole and Luke began a whole month before they were born. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my obstetric history, it all began at 28 weeks when my water broke unexpectedly. The date was Wednesday December 22nd, three days … Continue Reading

*Closed* What Are You Reading? With A GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway is closed!  Winner was Entry #13, Daphne T! It's time again for us to ask what you're reading! Tell us what you've recently read or are currently reading - fiction, nonfiction, paper, or eBook? Here's what Krista recently read: I … Continue Reading


Angie E. is the winner of the Serwa Chic giveaway for a Long Sleeve Bib! Congratulations! Thanks so much for entering, everybody! We'll have another giveaway starting tomorrow, so stay tuned! … Continue Reading

Catching Up Is Fun To Do – #14

Breaking up may be hard to do, but catching up is fun to do, and that's exactly what we're doing on Episode #14!  Jamie shares about how she is adjusting to being a mom of three, with twin newborns and an 18 month old at home!  Krista tells about … Continue Reading

Super Bowl Leftovers

Tell us about your Super Bowl experience! Were you totally into the game? Did your team win? Do you even like football? Just there for the commercials? Or the half-time show? Only in it for the snacks? What was your highlight of the … Continue Reading

Part-Time Job, Full-Time Kid

Kristina's post is the final post of our Moms @ Work series! We hope you have enjoyed our features on working moms, daycare/preschool, and Work At Home Moms! Make sure you see all of the posts and episodes in the series by clicking on the Moms @ … Continue Reading