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Nursing Solutions: Full Figure Nursing Bra options

Alright ladies, after complaining on Episode 9: Breast Friends of the podcast about how difficult it is to find bras for mamas with bigger chests, I found some great alternatives. Here are some tips on how to find some great bras for nursing.

  • Leading Lady Nursing, Breatfeeding and Maternity Bras The most important thing will be to know your actual bra size. Use a tailor’s measuring tape to get the right numbers and there are several places online where you can find your true fit. Here is a link to a great bra size calculator.
  • Because most brick and mortar stores will not carry bras in sizes over DD cup and 42 band, if you are over that size in either area you are more than likely going to have to order online or go to a local specialty nursing store like The Nursing Nook where someone can fit you and order online for you if they don’t have any of your size in stock. I went to The Nursing Nook to find a “lift and separates” kind of bra after my first son Will was born. It was the best thing I could have done, because having a proper bra that fits really makes you feel a lot better about yourself postpartum.
  • Shopping online: A good place to start are stores like Motherhood Maternity. They have plus-size clothing and intimates however, many of their retail stores do not carry these sizes in store. Personally, I have not been 100% satisfied with their full figure bras, but they do have some good reviews.
  • Snap front bras can also make good nursing bras, and I actually bought 4 snap front bras this time around because I’m planning on nursing twins at the same time. I found some great deals on front closure bras at Just My Size, they also have a few nursing bras too!
  • I ended up purchasing these bras: Valmont Embroidered Lace Front Hook Underwire in black and white for my “lift and separate” bras, Leading Lady Front Close Crossover Bra in Pink and Black for wearing around the house, and a regular style nursing bra, Leading Lady Seamless Nursing Bra with Comfort Strap.

Good Luck on your bra searching adventures, and if you’re still pregnant remember to buy a cup size larger because they will get even bigger when your milk comes in. Trust me!

Leading Lady Nursing and Full Figured Bras
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  1. Jamie–Now that you’ve used these bras for a while, what are you thinking about them? There’s a fancy lingerie store around here that I can get nice, professionally fitted nursing bras, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the $50 or more that it would cost for them. What do you think?

  2. My motherhood maternity bras fell apart pretty quickly, and anything that had wire in them started slipping out or poking me really bad.

    I am 100% in love with Leading Lady wirefree nursing bras. I have found them at and also at JcPenny. I think it is good to have one rocking awesome bra that gets the ladies up where they need to be, which usually will set you back about $40-50. It really helps you feel more like yourself and less like a food cow. 🙂