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Krista’s Baby Carrier Review

Did you watch the video review?

Here’s a quick round-up of my thoughts on each carrier:

  • Boba 2G Organic, Willow – Great design, really nice fit, love the removable foot straps for older kids, love the color combos, just wish there were more prints! There is a limited edition print called Tweet that is to die for, but I want more! As far as ease of adjusting the straps, this one wasn’t the worst or the best. (I realized too late that I refer to the carrier as the G2 in the video and had to change the places where I had the name in text. Oops :))
  • Beco Butterfly II, Tyler print – Beautiful prints, very nice design, but a little bulky for me. I really like the newborn fit pieces, but without knowing if I will have another newborn in my life anytime soon, I couldn’t let that influence my decision. This one was the hardest of all three to adjust and I had trouble getting the boys’ legs in “just right.”
  • Beco Gemini – Sleek, no-frills design, but limited prints and colors. Extremely easy to adjust. I liked that it could accommodate a newborn without any added pieces.

Before I received the carriers, I was positive that I would fall in love with the Willow color on the Boba and the Boba would be the one for me. It turns out that while I did love the brown and green together, it wasn’t quite what I expected. Upon my first trying on of all the carriers, I thought the Gemini was going to be my pick, but when it all came down to it, I ended up purchasing…

The Boba Classic in Breeze! I went with a non-organic, classic version of the Boba carrier in a different color combination. Amber had a demo of this carrier for a reduced price in her store, so always being one to save a buck, I jumped at the chance to purchase it! I went with my gut about really liking the Boba’s design and features, but organic vs. non-organic is not a major issue for me. I am thrilled about my decision and can’t wait for it to arrive for our trip next week!

To do your own baby carrier trial, go to Heavenly Hold and see the great carriers you can demo! Amber is great to work with, shares my faith and values, has super-fast shipping, and her customer service is top notch! She has an awesome selection of carriers (not just buckle carriers!) and her prices are unbeatable. She also has some cloth diapers and mama supplies in stock. You can find her business’s Facebook page here! Be sure to let her know we sent you!

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.