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Baby Carrier Follow Up!

A few weeks ago, I did a 14 day trial of three buckle baby carriers from Heavenly Hold – a Beco Butterfly 2, a Beco Gemini, and a Boba 2G. I did a video review that I posted for the blog and then purchased one of the carriers. I ended up buying one that wasn’t included in the trial, but one that was very similar, just non-organic and different colors. I purchased a Boba 2G Classic. I placed my order while the store owner was on vacation (I should have ordered sooner, knowing I needed it for a specific date), so I was afraid that it wouldn’t arrive in time for our trip to Gatlinburg, TN last weekend and it arrived just in time – literally!

We spent the weekend at a youth conference in downtown Gatlinburg in a big convention center. We had to do a lot of walking, inside and out, lots of standing and waiting around. Last year I took our 18 month old to the same conference and while he spent most of the weekend in the hotel room with my mother, we also had our big stroller with us. That was, in short, a nightmare. So I knew we had to do something different this year, bringing our 10 month old on the trip.

I wore Spencer around almost the entire time we were at the convention center, sometimes on my front, sometimes on my back. The carrier is sleek enough (even with some padding) that I was able to wear it under my winter coat! I could almost button the coat around him, but I was able to tie the belt around his back. I really liked that, because I don’t like it when his little legs are exposed to the cold. We had to stand outside in the snow for about 30 minutes at one time and with us bundled up like this, we were probably the warmest ones in the crowd! He loved being out in the cold and snow, but also being snuggled up with his mama.

There were times during the weekend when I felt my back aching a bit, but after making some quick adjustments, I got comfortable again. This carrier is easy to adjust, and easy to put on and take off. I had several people stop me and ask what kind of carrier it was and where I got it, and I was happy to pass along the information! While it doesn’t come with a carrying bag, it can fit into a large diaper bag for toting around.

I am thrilled with this purchase and definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a carrier to wear a baby or toddler, especially for long periods of time. It is considered a “toddler carrier” so it’s not one for newborns, but after your child is 15 lbs. in weight and has good head/neck control, this is the perfect carrier!

How about you? What carrier(s) do you love for wearing your baby or toddler?

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