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Archives for December 2010

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Parenthood

Ok, before I delve into this post let me offer this disclaimer. I am not a Sci-Fi nerd I swear, but if you are, you may appreciate my application of a simple truth that comes from the science fiction series, Douglas Adam's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the … Continue Reading

Super Easy Craft Tutorial: Photo Block Puzzle

Let me start this tutorial by making a confession. I am not crafty. I'm barely even creative. But I have high aspirations of craftiness. I want to be able to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and create brilliant designs with minimal supplies. … Continue Reading

Holiday Hangover – #8

Episode 8 Artwork

We discuss: - What's new? - Bad gifts! - Re-Gifting Re-Gifting Etiquette - Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap/White Elephant parties - New Years Plans and Resolutions - What's coming up for … Continue Reading

When Each Day Counts

I never imagined that we would be in the situation that we are in right now. I had suggested to friends that although our twins weren't due till March, I had a feeling that they would be here closer to Valentines day. I had no clue that my feeling … Continue Reading

You Tell Us: Your Favorite Gift

I'm sure you will get some great gifts for Christmas this year. You might get some awful ones too (stay tuned for Episode 8, where we talk about bad gifts!). Instead of talking about the good and the bad gifts we have gotten or will get for … Continue Reading

Change of Plans!

Well, I was going to post today on how I had been having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, but due to recent events, it doesn't matter if I am or not! I was actually starting to feel pretty good yesterday. Alex and I got to enjoy a little … Continue Reading

What’s On Your List?

I like to make lists. I can't say I'm as good about checking off items on my lists as I am at making them, but I certainly do enjoy a good To Do list. There's something about sitting down with a blank piece of paper and jotting down things To Do or … Continue Reading

Adding in number…

Over Thanksgiving break, we had a family picture taken of Alex, Will, and Me. It came out nice, but for the past few weeks I have felt twinges of guilt as I look at the happy little boy smiling in between his mommy and daddy. Every time I see it, I … Continue Reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside – #7

Episode 7 Artwork

We discuss: - Holiday Baking Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cookie fails - Cookie Exchange Parties:  quite possibly the greatest thing EVER - Nut Rolls and Monkey Bread - Weather chat - Cold weather frustrations and … Continue Reading

Preterm Labor Scare

Sunday is always a long day for our family. My husband works at a church and we've got two busy services on Sundays (one in the morning, and one a night). Last Sunday, I was thankful to work in a mid-afternoon nap during the first half of the … Continue Reading

Both Sides: Resting Easier Rooming In

Jamie and Krista agree on many things, but sometimes they have different opinions on parenting. This is the second post in a two-part series on co-sleeping. Be sure to read Krista's post, A Case for Co-Sleeping.   I love my baby, but I love … Continue Reading

Both Sides: A Case for Co-Sleeping

Jamie and Krista agree on many things, but sometimes they have different opinions on parenting. This is the first post in a two-part series on co-sleeping. Be sure to read Jamie's take on this issue, Resting Easier Rooming In I never intended to … Continue Reading

Holiday ChitChat – #6

Episode 6 Artwork

We discuss: - Jamie's crazy shopping trip to Toys R Us - Jamie's diaper disposal system update (Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail for poopy diapers + Baby Trend Diaper Champ for wet diapers) - Sleep issues at Krista's house - Krista's … Continue Reading

Mother Knows Best

I have long been a fan of the late Tracy Hogg, aka "the Baby Whisperer", and her book is one of several go to sources for baby care. I recently stumbled upon a blog post on titled, "Mother to Daughter: I know more than you think" that … Continue Reading

I will sleep again one day, right??

It will eventually happen? Because these days it feels like I will never get to sleep a full night's sleep ever again. I realize that is a bit of an exaggeration, but at quarter to 5:00am, when your 2 year old wakes up screaming in terror and … Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping – #5

Episode 5 Artwork

Catching up on holiday travels, Jamie's pregnancy, Krista's whole household being sick Holiday Shopping for Kids's Toys That Get Played With list (we mention lots of great toys on the list!) Christmas gift strategies On … Continue Reading

Stuff We Don’t Get: Cycle Bracelets

A boss in Norway is requiring female workers to wear a red bracelet during their "time of the month" to indicate that they will be needing additional bathroom breaks. Apparently employers are a bit up-in-arms about the amount of bathroom time their … Continue Reading