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Traveling with kids sucks.

Yeah. I said it.

This time, it hasn’t been the actual driving part that has been the worst (though it was terrible), but just the part where you are visiting someone else’s house. We spent Thanksgiving with my father in law and his fiancée and all kinds of extended family members that we did not know. Everyone was lovely and Craig’s fiancée had done a lot to baby-proof her house. But for my children who had been on a super-long drive the day before, got very little sleep the night before, and had taken no naps that day (because where am I going to put my 2 year old down for a nap??), I could feel the winds of disaster brewing long before the turkey had been carved.

Sure enough, as soon as the house was filled with guests, all of the delicious food placed on the serving tables, and everyone gathered for prayer, it happened. Dual meltdowns. Both of them refusing to eat, crying real tears. We were, of course, sitting right next to the food table, and totally in the way for this display of angst. Brandon and I looked around and saw our two children crying, another young child sitting on the floor eating, another one jumping on the couch in the other room, and the dog drinking from the toilet. Priceless.

None of us got to enjoy our dinner at the table. I ended up eating my food on a TV dinner table as I nursed a weary 9 month old to sleep in the living room. Brandon scarfed his down standing next to the laundry room before sitting with Miles for some iPhone distraction.

I guess we can file this year under “Great Expectations.”

Did anyone else experience a meltdown (yours or your child’s) at Thanksgiving?

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