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Archives for November 2010

Cyber Monday is just another Mediocre Monday

Friday afternoon I thought to myself how smart I was because I decided to stay home and avoid the "crazies on Black Friday. I read online that a woman at our local Target store tried to cut in line and ended up being pushed down and some how got her … Continue Reading

Traveling with kids sucks.

Yeah. I said it. This time, it hasn't been the actual driving part that has been the worst (though it was terrible), but just the part where you are visiting someone else's house. We spent Thanksgiving with my father in law and his fiancée and all … Continue Reading

Black Friday Madness

Ok, so I am sitting here wondering how many of you are already snug in your bed, clutching car keys in your fist, waiting for the alarm to go off at 2:00 a.m. so you can make the fastest possible exit to head to your favorite store. Or maybe you've … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Plans

I am traveling today, so I'll make this brief! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Who will you be spending the holiday with this year? … Continue Reading

Review: Laugh and Learn about Childbirth

The hospital that we delivered at with our first baby was about 45 minutes away. We signed up for the childbirth preparation classes at the hospital, but were pretty disappointed to say the least and didn't feel that it was worth the travel time to … Continue Reading

Things Krista Loves This Week

Instead of having it as a segment on our most recent show, I'm using this as our Saturday post this week! Enjoy the links! - Wishpot's free online wishlist site - BabyRabies blog (Hilarious, follow her on Twitter, too!) - Free Kindle books … Continue Reading

Thank God for Chick-Fil-A!

In preparation for our trip to visit both sets of grandparents, first in PA and then in OH, I thought I would pull out a superwife/mom stunt by taking our car to the Sears auto shop for an oil change and new wipers. Before Will and I could begin our … Continue Reading

Travel Tips – #4

Episode 4 Artwork

Jamie and Krista record in the same room! We discuss: Packing for travel with kids Car and plane travel tips Dealing with schedule disruptions How to make the most of your trip Products mentioned: Fisher Price Healthy Care … Continue Reading

MacGyver Mommy

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I can tell you this is true. It's not the first time I've had to cobble together some sort of useful creation because I was in a pinch, but Sunday I had to come up with a little invention to … Continue Reading

Jamie’s Science Experiment…

I went for a regularly scheduled OB appointment on Monday (22 weeks) and ended up participating in a 24 hour science experiment! After I finally go to go back to the exam room, the nurse came in and took my blood pressure, 168/90! Yikes! I am … Continue Reading

How Honest?

POP QUIZ: An acquaintance of yours shares that she is pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. Do you: A.) Pat her on the shoulder and warmly say "I'm so sorry you feel bad." B.) Make a face and say "Ohhhh, I haaaattteeeddd feeling … Continue Reading

More Than You Can Handle

When hearing that you are going to have twins, or even that you will have two little ones under the age of two, people often respond by saying, "God will never give you more than you can handle". My response should probably be something like "Yes, … Continue Reading

Gone So Fast

It goes without saying that the baby days go by quickly. After all, the middle of the night wakings and endless feedings only last for the first of the year, or a little into the second, so eventually my life will no longer involve bibs or diapers … Continue Reading

Bad Parent Fails – #3

Episode 3 Artwork

Parenting Chit Chat What's new this week? Positive Discipline:  The First Three Years We discuss: 10 Facebook Rules for Married Couples Today Show video:  Parents Post Kids' Fight Online "My son is gay.  Or he's not." blog post and the Today … Continue Reading

Saturday Giveaway!

I love getting free stuff. I have signed up for all kinds of freebies and samples over the past year, and it's great to get free things in my mailbox. Since I love free stuff so much, I wanted to share the love with you! I have one coupon for a … Continue Reading


Welcome to our brand new website! … Continue Reading

Diapers and Mom Clubs – #2

Episode 2 Artwork

- Name That Show! - Parenting Chit Chat - Choosing Your Diapering Style Diaper Stockpiling - Mom Clubs MOPS International (Mothers Of Preschoolers) National Organization Of Mothers Of Twins Clubs - Huh?  (Stuff we don't … Continue Reading