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“Helpful” Comments – #1

Welcome!  You’re here because someone sent you, most likely one of us.  We are looking for some feedback on our first podcast recording.

A note about the audio quality:  Please bear with us as we start this new adventure!  We realize the audio quality is fairly poor on this first attempt…it’s very 1980’s Mix Tape-ish..a tin can, if you will.  At several points there are sounds that sound a bit like a raccoon is in the studio.  I can assure you there is not.  Other times the Skype connection makes it so that we can’t hear one another clearly.  It can only get better from here!

Here’s what we are looking for in terms of feedback:  segments we could include, a name for our show, things you would like to hear us talk about, and what would make you want to listen to us.

Segments for Episode #1 include:

  • Introductions, of ourselves and the show
  • Parenting Chit Chat
    • Krista’s son Miles has an obsession!
    • Jamie’s twins’ gender!
    • Halloween talk
    • Dealing with unwanted comments and advice
  • Mothering Fails
  • Huh?  (Stuff we don’t get)
  • Things We Love/Hate This Week!

Recorded Thursday, October 21, 2010 via Skype.

Please comment below with your constructive compliments or send us an email!

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